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Anthony Sausa is a native New Yorker who was born in Brooklyn on April 12, 1973. His parents immigrated to New York from Sicily, Italy, shortly after they were married. After a few years of living in the States, Anthony’s mom gave birth to him, then to his younger brother Charlie.

Anthony first fell in love with magic at the age of seven when his father brought him to a local pizza shop. He ordered a slice of pizza and asked a middle-aged man to pass him the salt. The man took the salt shaker in one hand, put it in the other hand to pass it, and the salt shaker vanished! At that moment, Anthony knew he had found his passion!

Since then, Anthony has been entertaining and baffling audiences young and old. He does all types of shows: stage, close-up, children’s parties, etc. Although he is skilled in all areas of magic, Anthony’s favorite type of magic is close-up magic because he feels that there is no better magic than the magic that takes place in the spectators’ hands.

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