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Close-up Magic/Strolling Magic:
You will be amused and amazed when Anthony performs close-up magic by mixingamongst and mingling with your guests and performingmiracles right under their noses! The things that seem so impossible on stage become even more impossible as they happen right in front of you and your guests.

Anthonyís routine includes incredible sleight of hand with playing cards, coins, and a few objects he gets the audience to lend him to complete his act. For example, dare to give him your ring but donít get nervous when it vanishes from his hand only to appear in his wallet. Watch him produce a coin from thin air and, in a blink of an eye, witness that coin quadruple in size. Anthonyís manner is poised but light-hearted as he interacts and moves from one group to another. Anthony always remains discreet by dressing appropriately for the venue. In fact he is often mistaken for a guest as he approaches a group, which is a pleasant surprise for your guests.

Close up magic and walk around magic is perfect entertainment for small groups of people. Appropriate venues are:
* Restaurants
* Cocktail Parties
* Weddings (Cocktail Hour)
* Trade show booths
* Corporate events
* Adult parties
* Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Anthony will design and tailor a routine to fit your needs. 
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