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Stand-up Show:
Sometimes you want to throw an amazing party with all the hoopla you can fit, but then you realize that you are missing that one special touch. Well hereís a solution, have Anthony come and do a show for you and your guests. Just give Anthony a little niche and watch him work his magic. The best part of Anthonyís stand-up show is that your guests get involved. Watch your guests scratch their heads and look at each otherís puzzled faces questioningly as they try to figure out Anthonyís magical effects.

Watch as Anthony borrows a $20 bill signed by a spectator, makes the bill vanish, only to reveal it in a real, solid lemon! His magic continues as he performs the classics of magic, including Houdiniís favorite needle swallowing trick. You and your guests will not only laugh, but you will also be dazzled and amazed during Anthonyís stand-up magic show.

The Stand-up show is perfect for:
* Birthdays
* Anniversaries
* Barbecues
* Dinner Parties
* Weddings
* Etc. 
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